Sesame Street Parents Magazine Top Toys Guide 2000 (USA); The Lion & Lamb Project Top 20 Selection 2000 (USA)

"Georello 3D"

Sesame Street Parents Magazine awarded 3D Georello as one of the Very Best Toys of 1999 after an examination of 6000 toys and weeks of rigorous testing in schools and homes: as the kids played, their parents and teachers observed and reported their findings to a team of pedagogues and child-psychologists, through questionnaires and discussion groups. 3D Georello gained its place in the Top Toys Guide 2000

The Lion & Lamb Project (Helping families take action Against Violence) included 3D Georello in the 1999-2000 Top 20 List of toys that encourage Peaceful Play and:

encourage children to build and create rather than destroy;
promote cooperation and problem-solving among children;
are open-ended and encourage children to create their own scenarios;
promote learning of new skills and help children to develop their own talents;
stimulate creativity and imaginative play.

Recommended Age: 4 and up
Year: 2000