How to purchase

All the products offered for sale on are provided with a detailed description that can be read by clicking on the product picture. Check out the Store, and when you have found the product you want to purchase just click on “Add” to basket. You can check the quantity and total amount of your order by looking right, below the icon “Cart”. By entering the “Cart”, you can delete or modify the quantity of each product, or empty the basket. Once you have finished, if it is your first time in the Store, click on “Create account”. Fill in the form, read the terms related to the processing of personal data and the general sales conditions, and “accept the conditions”. You will receive a sign-up confirmation email containing all your details. Go back to the cart, log in with your “Username” and “Password” and proceed with the purchase. You will be then asked to choose a delivery address and the method of payment. At this point your order will be “pending” and will be assigned a number. You cannot modify the order from the on-line store anymore, but you can do it by writing an e-mail at and providing your order number. You will receive an order receipt e-mail but please note the this is not an order confirmation: you will receive the o.c. only after all the modification have been carried out. Once the order has been analysed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will be given an order confirmation number. To check your previous orders you will have to log in by writing your username (your e-mail address) and your password (the one you chose at the moment of registration) and by clicking on “log in”. By clicking “My orders”, you will find the list of your orders including: confirmation number, date, delivery address and status. By clicking on the confirmation number, you will be able to read and print all the details related to the order.

Personal data processing

While placing an order, you will be requested personal data for delivery purpose and you will be asked to accept the processing of these data in compliance with the existing law. Quercetti will not be able to clear any order for the customers who have not accepted the “personal data processing”.

Unavailability of the Products

In case the ordered products are not available, you will be promptly informed.


Minors under the age of eighteen years are not allowed to place order through the on-line store, unless under the supervision of an adult relative.


If you wish to receive an invoice, you simply have to specify your “Company name”, the address of the “Registered office” and your “VAT number” while filling in the registration form. Please note that the delivery address can be different from the one specified in this section. The invoice will be sent you by means of an e-mail when clearing the order.

Methods of payment accepts payments made credit card, PayPal or UPmobile. You may choose among these methods at the end of the purchasing process. All payments will be made to Quercetti & C. S.p.A. which is in charge of the purchasing processes.

Credit card

We accept Visa and MasterCard. You will be redirected to the web-page of the bank which holds or runs the on-line payment service; here, you shall enter the data of your credit card by means of a connection which is protected against unauthorised access, by means of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission with a128 bit encryption. These data are accessible neither to third parties nor to Quercetti. After having received the debit authorization from the company which issued the credit card used by the Customer, Quercetti will ship the product as soon as the payment authorization has been received.


PayPal allows to any company or consumer owning an e-mail address to send and receive payments in a secure manner. The use of PayPal is free of charge. By clicking on the link “Pay with PayPal”, you will enter PayPal secure website. By inserting the data of your credit card (also a prepaid one, e.g. Postepay), you will be allowed to make payment to Quercetti. Registration on the PayPal portal is not compulsory; you can use your bank account to fund your PayPal account in order to make future payments. Quercetti will ship the product as soon as the payment authorization has been received.