Skyrail Evolution

Multiway Rollway
6 meters of track for marbles to be launched at maximum speed thanks to a special "marble launch rocket". The suspended track can be built in many different ways.

Age: 7-14 years old


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product info

6 metres of tracks for marbles launched at super speed thanks to the special “marble launch rocket”. A “ rotating atomic hammer” gives the balls extra power, as they go through a wild loop-the-loop. The suspended track can be assembled in many different ways following the instructions included in the box, or you can make up new routes. The launch rocket contains a special system giving the marble enough power to go up the track without slowing down.

Cod. 6600

what's inside

14 straight tracks, 8 curved tracks, 4 semi loop
1 marble launch rocket
1 rotating atomic hammer
25 track joints
27 columns
5 sticks
26 column joints
40 track support
6 bases, 6 sub-base
10 marbles in 5 colours


Educational Benefits

Learning Cause and Effect

Problem Solving

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Child Development


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