Starter Set
With Skyrail you can build fantastic runways for marbles, up to 4.5 meters of spectacular air development, becoming, thus, the absolute protagonist of your bedroom.

Age: 6-12 years old


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product info

Cod. 6429

With Skyrail you can build fantastic marble suspension tracks up to 5 yards long. Your toy will immediately became the best thing in the room! Skyrail has been carefully planned in order to use marbles of different dimensions and materials: it allows you to make interesting observations, experiments and discoveries in the world of physics (speed, gravity, strength, centrifuge, attrition) and to intuitively understand fundamental principles. The Skyrail is a safe way to spend hours in a highly educational environment.

what's inside

13 curved tracks
5 straight tracks
3 bases
10 supports and junctions
17 track connectors
5 marbles
16 pillars/tubes/uprights
24 connectors
1 instruction manual with examples

Educational Benefits

Learning Cause and Effect

Problem Solving

Manual Dexterity

Child Development


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For a long time we have been creating toys for children all over the world and we try to make them feel good, in the best possible way, convinced that in the first years of life the foundations are built for all the learning, knowledge and skills that will develop throughout life. 

For this reason, every time we start learning again from children, inspired by their way of relating to the world, of relating to time and space, of interacting with the objects around them.

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