Sea Battle

A classic board game for 2 players who have to guess the position of the opposing fleet in a grid, defined by Cartesian coordinates, not visible to the opponent. It consists of 2 perforated boards, pegs in various shapes and colours plus accessories

Age: 7-99 years old


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product info

An engaging battle, rich of plot-twists, in which the aim is to defeat the opponent’s fleet. Each player has a perforated small board that separates two square game boxes: FLEET and RADAR. The players use the first box to place their ships by using square pegs; the second one, on the other hand, is for attacking and tracking the enemy’s fleet, by using red and white pegs.

Cod. 1003

what's inside

2 perforated boards 2 sheets
2 dividers
4 trellis
40 coloured square pegs
240 blow-marker pegs
1 peg basket
1 instruction manual

Educational Benefits

Strategic Thinking

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Sensory Development

Logic and Math Skills

Child Development


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