Pixel Art 8 Take a Selfie

1 pack of 8 boards 
(Picture size 33x49 cm)


Age: 9-99 years old


Turning a photo into a work of art made of nails is child's play.

Turn your photo into pixel art

Upload here your photo and follow them all the instructions! You will receive everything you need at home to make your work.


Explore ourPixel Art Gallery and choose the subject you prefer. You will receive at home everything you need to make your work.

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Take a selfie with the pegs and hang it up in the house like a painting. Framed and viewed from the right distance, it looks like a real photograph.

Try your hand, it's easy! 

Go to 
www.pixelartselfie.com and follow the instructions step by step.
1. Choose the size "8 tablets" that you can make with 1 Pixel Art 8 Take a Selfie box.
2. Upload the image: it can be a selfie or another image.
3. Print the boards after downloading the pdf.
4. Make your picture with pegs: cut out the cards, place them on the board and insert the pegs.

Cod. 00774

Transform your photo now!

It's so easy


The picture measures 49 x 33 cm.

It can be easily inserted in our cardboard frame, which you see here, or in a frame of your choice.

Reproduce your portrait...

Choose the photo you prefer and turn it into a picture made of nails!


Follow the instructions


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Do you still have one of these packs?

Go to www.pixelartselfie.com and follow the instructions.

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