Lacing ABC+123

Alphabet and numbers

Age: 3-7 years old

By tying letters and numbers together, you can create chains and necklaces. Playing, your child will train fine dexterity by memorizing, letter shapes and numbers.

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product info

The term ‘early literacy’ covers all activities which help children develop writing skills, such as scribbling, recognising shapes and colours, and hand and eye coordination. These activities help to develop motor skills and visual discernment, leading up to the difficult task of writing. That is what Lacing ABC+123 is for. By connecting letters and numbers to create chains and necklaces, children practice fine motor skills while playing. This is important in terms of cognitive and manual development, and at the same time it helps them to memorise the shapes of letters and numbers.

Cod. 2808

what's inside

30 letters
10 numbers
12 laces
1 coloring book
1 Play Montessori guide

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Hand-Eye Coordination

Problem Solving

Child Development


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