Georello Tech

Starter Set
Build complex three-dimensional structures, plug in gears and put everything in motion with a spectacular chain reaction! You will learn the first principles of mechanics.

Age: 5-10 years old


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product info

Build complex three-dimensional structures, connect the gears and set it all in motion in a spectacular chain reaction! This ingenious construction system has a plastic chain that lets you transfer movement between gears that are not connected. A great way to get to know the principles of mechanics while having fun. And it’s all totally shatterproof and safe.

Cod. 6136

what's inside

1 white board + 1 spin
1 large gear
5 medium gears
2 small gears
23 pillars
20 joints
1 chain with 25 links
8 red joints with 4-way connector
9 white connector
1 album with instructions and examples

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Learning Cause and Effect

Problem Solving

Child Development


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Let's start learning from children again, inspired by their way of relating to the world.

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