Chunky Peggy

Age: 1-4 years old

Daisy Maxi is an educational game of composition with large pegs to insert or stack dedicated specifically to the needs of growing children.

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product info

Daisy Maxi is a creative educational toy with colourful jumbo pegs that has been specifically designed to meet your child’s first developmental needs. Babies and toddlers will be fascinated by the stackable jumbo pegs with rounded edges made of durable and safe material. They are soft and easy to hold and can be inserted in the perforated flower-shaped board or piled up to create higher and higher towers in total safety. The different shapes and colours, together with the lovely rattle included, stimulate both visual and sound perception, hand-eye coordination while developing creativity and concentration.

Cod. 04160

what's inside

4 cylindrical jumbo pegs
6 flower-shaped jumbo pegs in 2 colours
1 jumbo peg rattle
1 flower-shaped board
4 square jumbo pegs
6 ogive shape jumbo pegs in 2 colours

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Manual Dexterity

Hand-Eye Coordination

Child Development


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