Migoga Junior

In Migoga Junior Bioall the elements are very large and each one has a different color so that they are easy to recognise. The special bioplastic material brings children closer to nature and to the environment.

Age: 1½-5 years old


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product info

Cod. 86502

Migoga Junior Bio combines the amusement of marbles tracks with love and respect for the environment through The use of exclusive bioplastic. The natural colours relax and get along with the tactile experience of this special material. The track is designed so that young children can easily follow the slow descent of the large marbles included in the set.

what's inside

2 straight tracks
1 S track
3 funnel stands
1 marble collection stand
10 open rings
2 columns
3 large marbles with bells

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Creative Thinking

Hand-Eye Coordination

Learning Cause and Effect

Child Development


Play With Us!

Let's start learning from children again, inspired by their way of relating to the world.

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