Magnetic Tablet

Letters + Numbers

Age: 5+ years old

The Tablet Letters + Numbers is equipped with a board with two magnetic faces writable and erasable. It allows you to attach magnetic letters and numbers, to write or draw.

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product info

A new line of dry-erase magnetic boards, designed as a two-sided tablet with an innovative round shape: edges have been totally smoothed and protected with colourful shock-proof rubber inserts that make it a safe and unbreakable object, totally child-proof. Children can play with both sides of the Letters & Numbers Tablet, by either using the Number and Letter magnets or by drawing and writing with the dry-erase markers. The set includes a selection of illustrated magnetic tiles in sturdy cardboard purposely designed to encourage your child’s first mathematical operations and spelling of some easy words. We also added a useful accessory that can be fixed onto the frame to always keep the eraser and the markers at hand’s reach, and a couple of supports to place the board both vertically and horizontally.

Cod. 5341

what's inside

1 two-sided magnetic board with frame
1 case with handles
2 transparent base supports
1 dry-erase marker
1 eraser
10 magnetic tiles
48 magnetic number
48 magnetic letters

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Creative Thinking

Pre-Writing Skills


Hand-Eye Coordination

Child Development


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