FantaColor Junior 40

3D Mosaics with Buttons

Age: 2-5 years old

With Fantacolor Junior beautiful mosaics are made. The transparent tablet is equipped with special holes, where you can easily insert the buttons.

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product info

FantaColor Junior - Create wonderful mosaics with buttons (33 mm) in 6 different colours. The transparent board has holes where the buttons are inserted. The buttons are very easy to put in, but stay perfectly in position. Cards with the images to be reproduced are placed on the back, stimulating visual perception. The side of the board is shaped into a handle, making it easy to carry around, but also original and stylish.

Cod. 04206

what's inside

1 Transparent Board
40 large pegs (ø 32mm) in 6 different colours
8 cards

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Manual Dexterity

Sensory Development

Hand-Eye Coordination

Child Development


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