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First Colors and Words

Smart Puzzle Magnetic First colors and Words is a new magnetic double-face puzzle for children, with 12 subjects to recognize and fit. They are easily taken in hand due to the high thickness of the pieces.

Age: 1-4 years old

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product info

Cod. 0231

Smart Puzzle Magnetic First colors and Words is a a double-sided magnetic puzzle for small children. One side features 12 cute images for the child to recognise and place in the correct spaces. The pieces are thick and soft and can be picked up easily, and they magically stick to the board thanks to magnets. The other side is a magnetic board where the magnetic figures can be placed anywhere on a colourful background, in order to create fantastic stories that can change every time. The images are very simple, and are brightly coloured. This helps to limit the children’s mistakes, but also helps them in their first simple approach to storytelling.

what's inside

1 double-sided magnetic board
12 magnetic shapes

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Hand-Eye Coordination


Child Development


Play With Us!

Let's start learning from children again, inspired by their way of relating to the world.

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