Pallino is celebrating 35 years of successes: multi-award-winner in international competitions for the best educational toy of the year, it is still modern and incomparable in terms of playability and top level educational contents. You play with a big keyboard and pushbuttons that need to be manoeuvred correctly, coordinating the movements of the hands to make lots of mosaic patterns composed with coloured balls, copying the patterns included or inventing freely to express your own creativeness. Pallino is wonderful at keeping children entertained for a very long time, stimulating their reasoning and logic.

Âge: 4-8


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The screen, which contains the figures to be composed, is divided into 12 columns and a pushbutton corresponds to each column. To “throw” the balls into the required column, keep the corresponding button pressed and hit the THROW BUTTON hard. To empty a column, press its button and push the RELEASE LEVER. To choose the coloured ball you want, press the SELECT BUTTON, or reject by letting them out.

Cod. 1020

ce qu'il y a dedans

6 cards
1 Game Guide

Avantages éducatifs

Pensée Computationnelle

Coding Unplugged

Résolution des Problèmes

Relation de Cause à Effet

Coordination Œil-main

Développement de l'enfant


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