Tor Evo

A game that has amused generations of children. It works only with "child energy"; once reached the maximum height, the parachute opens to return the missile to the ground.

Age: 14 years old


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product info

Iconic toy of the Quercetti brand, manufactured in millions of units strarting from 1960, the Tor Evo missile has been completely redesigned with a new modern design and an incomparable performance. Moreover, the parachute, with a new more functional profile, allows perfect returns from space without damages. So you have nothing left but to try it: the one who gets higher wins!.

Cod. 3126

what's inside

1 sling with rubber band
1 parachute rocket

Educational Benefits

Manual Dexterity

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Child Development


Play With Us!

Let's start learning from children again, inspired by their way of relating to the world.

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