Smart Bloc

Age: 4-7 years old

Smart Bloc contains 11 large elements in 2 different shapes that allow you to build endless structures both on the plane and vertically.

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product info

Construction game for small children. The game features 11 large format elements with 2 different shapes, allowing children to create endless structures horizontally or vertically. The size and the shapes are designed to be easy for small hands to grip, and easy to fit together. As children grow, they will discover how it’s possible to use these two simple elements, made of indestructible plastic, to create three dimensional cubes in different sizes, or to make up fantastic mosaics.

Cod. 4024

what's inside

11 big elements in 2 shapes
(3 T-shapes and 8 angle-shapes

Educational Benefits

Manual Dexterity

Problem Solving

Child Development


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