Original construction game, consisting of colored rings and clips. Deliberately unstructured, to give total freedom to the creativity of the child and ensure long hours of play.

Age: 4-99 years old


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product info

Cod. 0350

An original building game made up of just two colourful plastic elements: large rings and a series of clips to connect the other elements and create a world of fantastic structures and 3-dimensional figures. The game is intentionally destructured, in order to give free rein to the child’s creativity, and guaranteeing hours of playtime.

what's inside

24 rings in 2 colours
36 clips

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Manual Dexterity

Creative Thinking

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Hand-Eye Coordination

Child Development


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For a long time we have been creating toys for children all over the world and we try to make them feel good, in the best possible way, convinced that in the first years of life the foundations are built for all the learning, knowledge and skills that will develop throughout life. 

For this reason, every time we start learning again from children, inspired by their way of relating to the world, of relating to time and space, of interacting with the objects around them.

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