Age: 9-99 years old

An ingenious strategy game for 2 players, consisting of a modular board and a number of pegs and connecting bars in two colours. The goal of the game is to connect two opposite sides of the game plan, preventing the opponent from doing the same.


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product info

PegXT is a strategy game for two players. The aim is to connect the two opposing sides of the game board with a chain of horizontal bars and vertical pegs, preventing the opponent to do the same with the other two sides. In turns, each player makes a move on the modular board by linking two pegs with a horizontal bar on the 3x2 diagonal (move of a knight in the game of Chess); the barrier that is thus built cannot be trespassed and the bars cannot cross.

Cod. 1005

what's inside

16 modular boards
80 pegXT special pegs
78 connection bars 2 peg baskets
1 sticker sheet
1 instruction manual

Educational Benefits

Sensory Development

Strategic Thinking

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Child Development


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