A traditional 2-player board word game: one secretly chooses a word, the other has to guess it. It consists of a perforated board and special button tacks that hold the letters of the alphabet.

Age: 5-99 years old


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product info

Cod. 1004

In Hangman, you need language knowledge and logic to guess the adversary’s secret word before the cowboy ends up being hanged. The first player must think of a word, which the other player tries to guess; at every turn, the opponent declares a letter which he marks with a whiteboard marker from the alphabet reported on the board. If this letter appears in the word the first player has chosen, he places a peg with that letter in the right blank. If it does not appear in the word, a body part of the cowboy is added to the gallows.

what's inside

1 perforated board
8 cowboy pegs
60 letter pegs
1 peg basket 1 game sheet
1 die-cut cowboy (8 pieces) 1 whiteboard marker
1 eraser
2 sticker sheets

Educational Benefits

Sensory Development

Strategic Thinking

Problem Solving

Child Development


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