Grand Prix

Age: 9-99 years old

A simulation game for 2 players that simulates a Formula 1 race taking into account the inertia of the vehicles (you have to slow down before a curve). The perforated board holds 16 checked circuits and the necessary pegs to mark the position of the respective "cars" along the entire course.


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product info

16 challenging Grand Prix to compete in, with the pegs becoming Formula 1 cars. The perforated game board hosts the chequered circuits. Each player chooses the colour of their ‘car’ and, on the Start signal, they move from one corner of a square to the next, thus accurately imitating the progression of a vehicle’s acceleration. The game simulates a car race and considers the vehicle’s inertia, as the players must slow down at curves so that they don’t run off the road. The first to cross the finish line wins!

Cod. 1007

what's inside

1 perforated board 16 circuits
2 bradawls
200 pegs
1 peg basket 3 flags
1 sticker sheet
1 instruction manual

Educational Benefits

Sensory Development

Strategic Thinking

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Logic and Math Skills

Child Development


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