FantaColor Daisy 240

Age: 3-6 years old

Fantacolor Daisy contains a large daisy consisting of a perforated tablet and a container divided into 6 compartments to "draw" with colored pegs.

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product info

This big daisy, made up of a perforated board surrounded by 6 trays, is for making “drawings” with coloured pegs. To start, sort the different coloured pegs into the various trays. Then place a pattern card over the board, securing it with the clips. Finally, make a picture by inserting the pegs into the board following the colour scheme on the card. When you’ve finished playing, you can put the pegs all together in the space under the board. You can make up your own peg pictures or you can choose patterns to download from our website, This activity is fun, creative and educational. It also stimulates concentration, helps improve hand/eye coordination, and helps develop manual skills.

Cod. 2102

what's inside

240 pegs ø 10 mm
3 pattern cards
1 carry case

Educational Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Manual Dexterity

Creative Thinking

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Hand-Eye Coordination

Child Development


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