Age: 7-99 years old

A sophisticated strategy game for 2 players in which whoever builds the most squares wins. The player at each turn must join 2 pegs not connected to each other, with a wall. If a player succeeds, he can put a button peg of his colour in the square he created.


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product info

Dots & Boxes is a sophisticated strategy game for 2 players with several difficulty levels according to the players’ age. The black pegs must be positioned on the perforated board to start the game. In turns, each player connects them with a wall of their colour, to create ‘enclosures’ or squares. The winner is the one who can close the highest number of squares through reasoning and cleverness and mark them with a button-peg of their colour.

Cod. 1008

what's inside

1 perforated board
1 beginners’ sheet
1 experts’ sheet
100 button pegs
100 walls
36 sheet-pinning pegs 2 sticker sheets
2 peg baskets 1 instruction manual

Educational Benefits

Sensory Development

Strategic Thinking

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Child Development


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