10805 - Pixel Art & Photo

Pixel Art & Photo
4 boards

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With Pixel Art anyone, adults or children, can create amazing pictures using the famous Quercetti pegs. All you have to do is visit our internet site, choose a picture, print the pattern cards, and place them onto the perforated pegboards. Then you’re ready to go! The pegs come in only 6 different colours, but if you look from the right distance, they blend magically into an image with thousands of new colours and tones, as if it were a real photo. Basically, Pixel Art is the first product in the toy world to use the phenomenon known as “optical mix”, which is the technique the “Pointillism” painters of the late 19th century used to create wonderful paintings. Here we’re using pegs instead of oil paints, but the result is just as impressive. Pixel Art’s is is made following very high standards of quality and safety, and can be used to decorate your home with a touch of class.

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  1. 1 picture frame 33x25 cm
  2. 6.800 pegs in 6 colors
  3. 4 connectable peg boards