Roller coaster


A roller coaster full of fun experiments.

A world of intricate tracks makes for double the fun: children can first build the track, giving vent to their imagination and creativity, then watch balls go along at high speed without flying off the tracks. This game guarantees many hours di fun playtime, but the real attraction is the interesting observations of the world of physics, such as speed, gravity, centrifugal force and friction. Basic principles become easy to understand and can be put to the test at any time.



Cod: 2532

Age: 4+

Eur 6,90

NEW Roller Coaster starter set

Roller Coaster
starter set

Cod: 6429

Age: 6+

Eur 14,90

Roller Coaster
Mini Rail

Cod: 6430

Age: 6+

Eur 32,50

Suspension basic

Cod: 6630

Age: 7+

Eur 29,90

Roller Coaster Elevator

Cod: 6661

Age: 7+

Eur 49,90


Skyrail Race
Parallel track racing

Cod: 6663

Age: 7+

Eur 39,90

Maxi Roller Coaster

Cod: 6665

Age: 7+

Eur 72,50