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0810 - Pixel Photo 9

Pixel Photo 9
9 tavole

cod: 0810

age 9+

Eur 49,90



Create your portrait with pegs. With Pixel Photo, creating breathtaking portraits with Quercetti’s famous pegs, is within everyone’s reach, no matter what age. Just choose the photo you prefer, go over to our website www.quercettiart.com, print the guide sheets by placing them over the pegboard, insert the pegs, and the game begins! The pegs come in six colours, however when you observe from the right distance, they will blend together, as if by magic, and will be transformed into an image with thousands of new colours and nuances, as if it were a real photo. This is the same principle, known as “spatial colour mixing”, which was behind Pointillist art and dates back to the late Nineteenth Century. It is also the way that photographs are reproduced when they are printed on paper. Whether in colour or black & white, the procedure goes through the process of being broken up into a myriad of tiny pixels which are then recombined and blended together by the human eye. The assortment includes 9 pegboards which can also be hung up on the wall just like a real painting, thanks to the included frame. So as you can see, it includes everything you need to recreate your favourite photo using these pegs, whether in colours or black & white, so that you can amaze everyone with the amazing definition and the magical explosion of colour.

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  1. Instructions
  2. 1 picture frame
  3. 9 connectable peg boards
  4. 14800 pegs in 6 colors