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0809 - Pixel Art 9

Pixel Art 9
9 tavole

cod: 0809

age 9+

Eur 49,90



Choose a picture and create a masterpiece with pegs

With Pixel Art, anybody, young or old, can make extraordinary masterpieces, using the famous Quercetti pegs. All you have to do is go to our website, choose a picture, print the pattern sheets, and place them on the perforated boards. Then you’re ready to create! The pegs come in only 6 colours, but when observed from the right distance, they mix as if by magic and become thousands of new colours and shades. Your picture will look just like a photo. Basically, this is the first product in the toy world to use the ‘optical mix’ principal. This is the same technique used by painters of the ‘pointillism’ art style at the end of the 19th century. They used a series of brushstrokes close together to create wonderful paintings. Here, paints and brushes are replaced with pegs, but the end result is practically the same. Pixel Photo is made with the highest standards of quality and safety. It can be considered as an extraordinary and classy decoration for the walls of your home. And you can also choose to create your picture in colour or black and white. You will see how a black and white picture is actually made up of coloured pegs. It is sure to surprise and impress your friends.

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  1. 9 connectable peg boards
  2. 14.800 pegs in 6 colors
  3. 1 picture frame 54x41 cm