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2101 - Pixel Mandala

Pixel Mandala Daisy

Pixel Mandala

cod: 2101

age 5+

Eur 14,90




A big flower-shaped board with holes, and trays to keep the pegs in - with these you can create unlimited multi-coloured mandalas. The container has a central part where you can put the pegs mixed together, and trays on the side for each of the six colours. That way you can always have them at hand while you’re making your mandala. Anyone can make great mandalas with the six pattern cards included, guaranteeing hours of fun. Not only that, but this activity can relax your mind, improve concentration, and stimulate colour perception in children.

School report


  1. 6 pattern cards
  2. 1 peg container
  3. 1 daisy shaped pegboard
  4. 200 violet pegs 5 mm diameter
  5. 300 violet pegs 5 mm diameter
  6. 200 red pegs 5 mm diameter
  7. 150 orange pegs 5 mm diameter
  8. 200 yellow pegs 5 mm diameter
  9. 150 white pegs 5 mm diameter