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1820 - Combi

Combi chiodini e lettere magnetiche


cod: 1820

age 4+

Eur 29,90




Product description Two of Quercetti’s best selling “classics” in one multifunctional carrying case. One side is a peg board to create fun and colourful designs, while the other side is a whiteboard where kids can practice writing their first words either by using the magnetic letters provided or any dry-erase marker. With its smooth design, Combi has no sharp edges and can be safely and easily handled by children three years and up. The board can be lowered or raised and turned over without any difficulty, and it conveniently stores all components after use, while its distinctive big handle makes it easy to carry anywhere.

School report


  1. 48 magnetic letters
  2. 12 magnetic cards
  3. 1 multifunctional carrying case
  4. 1 pegboard
  5. 300 pegs in 3 different sizes (10, 15, 20 mm diameter) and 6 colours