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0917 - Pixel Evo Girl

Pixel Evo Girl

cod: 0917

age 3+

Eur 16,90




A timeless classic, the Quercetti peg game, now completely redesigned with new colours and new features. In fact, with Pixel Evo Girl, the perforated board now comes with a dual-function handle - for carrying around, or insert it into the basket to keep it vertical. There are also big picture cards for your little girl to copy. All she has to do is place the card on the board and insert the pegs following the colour scheme. Fun is guaranteed, and at the same time it will stimulate your child’s creativity and concentration. When playtime is over, it can be tidied up in a flash, as the board serves as a lid for the basket, which also has a handle.

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  1. large pegboard (29x24 cm) with handle
  2. carry case
  3. 8 examples
  4. 300 pegs in 3 mixed size (10, 15, 20 mm) in 6 colours