0662 - FantaColor Educo

FantaColor Educo

cod: 0662

age 4+

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Fantacolor Educo is a new educational toy that helps pre-school children familiarise themselves with basic kindergarten activities using their manual and observation skills. It’s a new, fun and dynamic way to carry on their class activities at home, using pegs instead of markers. First the child looks at the card, then, without having to ask for parental help, he or she can see the suggestions in the upper right corner, and ultimately place the correct peg into the right hole. That’s it! It is a fun and challenging game. Each box includes a practical container, a transparent peg board with 8 different pattern cards, plenty of pegs that come in different sizes and colours to match the cards, and 10 square pegs for the number stickers.

School report


  1. 400 pegs in 4 different sizes (5, 10, 15, 20 mm diameter)
  2. 8+8 pattern cards
  3. 1 carrying case
  4. 1 transparent pegboard