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6568 - Marble Run

Marble Run
Double Spiral

cod: 6568

age 6+

Eur 37,50

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Create your own track for marbles and challenge yourself with this smart, highly successful construction game. Migoga Double Spiral contains two new large and impressive double spiral tracks, on which the marbles will tumble down whirling descents in exciting plunging races. All pieces, slides, bridges, columns, mills, are easily joined in an infinite number of combinations, allowing you to build fantastic tracks where you can race your marbles in exciting speed contests. Only high quality materials are used that are completely shatterproof, long lasting, and ensure great precision in the joints, and therefore the structures themselves are solid. Creativity and logic are essential to building beautiful and, especially, functional tracks.

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  1. 10 marbles
  2. 2 swirls
  3. 6 bases
  4. 60 pillars in three colors
  5. 2 double spirals in two colors
  6. 20 straight tracks
  7. 4 starting gates
  8. 2 starting gates container