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5285 - Combi



cod: 5285

age 4+

Eur 34,90



Read, count and draw! Two games in one big multifunctional case: on one side you learn to read and count with magnetic letters and numbers while on the other side you can write and draw on a fantastic wipe-out board with the included dry markers. It will be fun to write your first words and mathematical operations with the help of our specifically designed selection of magnetic cards. Combi ABC+123 has a very nice and catchy design and everything is made with rounded edges and is easy and safe to handle. With simple intuitive movements, your child can effortlessly put the screen up, and quickly turn it down and over. Thanks to its practical handle, the set can be carried everywhere. Combi ABC+123 is a wonderful educational game, which boosts basic pre-literacy and mathematical skills while stimulating creativity and fine motor skills.

School report


  1. 22 magnetic cards
  2. 48 magnetic numbers
  3. 3 dry erase pens
  4. 48 magnetic letters