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5241 - Magnetino Letters

Magnetino Letters

cod: 5241

age 4+

Eur 19,90



Classic magnetic board with a plastic shock absorbing frame and a practical carrying case to conveniently store all pieces. The big board has the right size to fit all the magnetic pieces—letters and pictures—which have been specifically designed with a selection of fun graphics and figures to make it easy for children to write their first easy words. The set comes with two easel stands that allow you to place the board vertically with the right inclination. Also included is a dry-erase marker for your child’s first free-hand drawings.

School report


  1. 2 small easel stands
  2. 1 case with handle
  3. 12 illustrated magnets
  4. 48 upper case magnetic letters
  5. 1 dry-erase marker