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3599 - World of Flight

Flotta World of Flight

World of Flight

cod: 3599

age 14+

Eur 29,90



A world of aeroplanes and missiles to be flown in many different ways (thrown by hand, with an elastic band engine, or launched with a sling) all contained in an action-packed gift box. Furthermore, an extremely useful flight manual illustrates the features of each model and explains, in simple words, some important scientific concepts related to flight, such as aerodynamics, lift force, weight, power and resistance. This all makes for many hours of completely safe playtime, as the strictest international health and safety regulations have been applied.

Download flight manual with assembly instructions

School report


  1. 1 Flight manual with assembly instructions
  2. 1 Tor Evo
  3. 1 Libella Aeroplane
  4. 1 Saetta
  5. 1 Sirius Aeroplane
  6. 1 Mini Sirius Aeroplane
  7. 1 Spare wing