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3565 - Libella


cod: 3565

age 6+

Eur 9,90



The exceptional flying performance of Libella, our Rubber Propelled Plane, has made it an international best-selling flying toy, now counting 40 years of successful production. It is very easy to assemble: just a few basic steps, and the plane is ready to take off and entertain everyone, children and adults alike. Once you spin the propeller to wind it up, you can make it take off from the ground, thanks to the wheels in the landing gear provided, or you can hand-start it: it will fly for up to 20 seconds.

Download flight manual with assembly instructions

School report


  1. 1 landing gear with 2 wheels
  2. 1 fuselage (in 3 parts)
  3. 1 tail
  4. 1 elastic band
  5. 1 ballast
  6. 1 reinforced wing
  7. 1 propeller
  8. 1 rudder
  9. 1 sheet of rudder stickers