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2334 - Georello Farm

Georello Farm

Georello Farm

cod: 2334

age 3+

Eur 16,90



Kids will have loads of fun with the Georello Farm construction set while also learning some basic mechanics principles in a creative way. They can build their own personal farm by interlocking the blocks to make the base and then connect the gears to have them all move at the same time. Next they can decorate the farm with animals and trees and finally get a spectacular chain reaction by turning the crank to set everything in motion. Georello Farm is durable and completely safe; it is made of soft, washable plastic with rounded edges.

School report


  1. 1 crank
  2. 18 white connectors
  3. 6 apples
  4. 2 trees
  5. 8 farm animals
  6. 5 small gears
  7. 5 middle gears
  8. 60 pieces
  9. 8 interlocking blocks