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2323 - Fashion Show

Fashion Show

cod: 2323

age 3+

Eur 16,90



The catwalk, the lights, the audience, and of course the clothes. “Fashion Show” has everything you need to put on a real fashion show, with you as the designer! You can personalize the 8 dolls with paper cut-out clothes and accessories, to give them whatever style you want. There are two scenes featured, the stage and the dressing room. Once you have set up the scene, just turn the handle and the models will start to move, and the show begins.

School report


  1. 3 gears
  2. 3 small gears
  3. 38 chain pieces
  4. 1 spinner
  5. 6 pins
  6. 14 supports
  7. 1 colorable set
  8. 8 figures
  9. 1 pink rectangular base