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6512 - Migoga Junior

Migoga Junior

Migoga Junior
Premium Set

cod: 6512

age 18m+

Eur 44,90

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With Migoga Junior even smaller children can play with a marble track made especially for them. The pieces are all very big and they all have different colours so they can be easily recognised. The connections are easy and intuitive, and many different tracks can be made quickly. The marbles are 4,5 centimetres in diameter, and some make a rattling noise. They roll down the track intentionally slowly, in order to prolong the magic and the surprise for the child. Children can also learn and explore at the same time. With Migoga Junior, children are guaranteed hours of fun and completely safe playtime. We use only high quality materials, and respect all safety standards. Playing with Migoga Junior stimulates children to experiment to find new solutions, to observe with interest the world around them, and to try out new ideas through trial and error.

School report


  1. 4 straight tracks
  2. 2 S-shaped tracks
  3. 7 large chutes
  4. 5 flared base pieces
  5. 1 ball-catching base piece
  6. 21 rings
  7. 5 balls (45 mm diam.)