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4199 - Combi Junior

Combi Junior

Combi Junior

cod: 4199

age 2+

Eur 29,90



Two games in one big multifunctional case: on one side children can insert the buttons on the transparent board, and on the other they can learn to draw on a big erasable white board. Included are the illustrated pattern cards with fun ideas for colourful mosaics. Combi Junior has been carefully designed without sharp edges so it can be handled easily and in total safety: the board can be lifted or closed, removed or turned around with simple and intuitive movements. All pieces can be neatly stored in the container and carried around thanks to the big handle. Combi Junior is an extraordinary educational toy that stimulates your child’s creativity while developing hand-eye coordination, as well as colour perception and fine motor skills.

School report


  1. 1 multifunctional carrying case
  2. 6 cards
  3. 60 buttons in 6 colours