0295 - Fantacolor peg maze

Fantacolor labirinto

Fantacolor peg maze

cod: 0295

age 2+

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With Quercetti’s new Peg Maze you will experience a wonderful adventure of the senses as you move the pegs along the infinite paths of your imagination! Search for the right path by shifting the pegs forwards or backwards, following the images of the background or the indications of the included guide sheets. You can play with the game placed on a surface or standing upright, in full safety as the game is sturdy and the rubber feet are slide-proof. It has two sides upon which one can play which will keep you constantly entertained: on one of them, the pegs come in the three primary colours, the other has pegs of six colours (primary and secondary). Peg Maze is a complete game which will accompany children through their growth, helping to develop the bases of logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and thanks to a number of carefully crafted paths, it is a fantastic support for pre-writing skills. Download toy guide

School report


  1. Tuo guide
  2. 12 maps
  3. 18 pegs in 6 colours - SIDE 2
  4. 18 pegs in 3 colours - SIDE 1