0236 - Smart Puzzle

Smart Puzzle
Winnie the Pooh

cod: 0236

age 2+

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A brand-new double-sided Magnetic Puzzle for the youngest. On one side, there are 12 figures of the friendly characters from Winnie the Pooh which have to be recognised and then fit into the correct slot; they are easy to handle and stick to the board thanks to the magnets in them. On the other side, the board is a lively and colourful landscape which serves as a background for the characters, which can be moved around freely, so that new and fantastic stories can be made up over and over again. The illustrations are very simple, yet extremely evocative for a child’s imagination, and help build stories with some meaning that stimulate fantasy but also suggest concepts that are more profound.

School report


  1. 12 magnetic animal characters
  2. 1 two-sided game board