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1002 - Peg Code

Peg Code
Pegs and Letters coding

cod: 1002

age 5+

Eur 16,90



Use pegs and letters to write and decode secret messages with the new PegCode. Think of a secret word and write it in code, using the special alphabet made up of coloured pegs. You can challenge your friends to see who decrypts the code first. The set contains cards with different alphabets, so you can have fun creating peg codes different languages.

Download the Peg Code Guide

In collaboration with:

Computer Science Department
of the University of Turin

School report


  1. 1 peg box
  2. 1 pegboard
  3. 72 pegs
  4. 48 capital letters
  5. 10 special letters
  6. 4 sheets
  7. 1 guide