Encourage your child’s enthusiasm to learn!

A universe of toys specifically made to spark children’s curiosity about the world around them and the way things work. These toys stimulate children to ask questions and develop their reasoning skills which will enable them to truly enjoy every new experience and face every new challenge. A world filled with discoveries and revelations that will play a significant role in shaping your kid’s life.



Codice Segreto
Break the hidden code

Cod: 1001

Age: 7+

Eur 14,90

Pallino travel

Cod: 1006

Age: 5+

Eur 15,50

Rami travel

Cod: 1009

Age: 4+

Eur 15,50

NEW Rami Code

Rami Code

Cod: 1015

Age: 5+

Eur 32,90


Cod: 1020

Age: 4+

Eur 32,90

NEW pallino coding

Pallino Coding

Cod: 1021

Age: 6+

Eur 32,90

Tubò Pitagorico

Cod: 2561

Age: 5+

Eur 14,50

Isotta Discovery Car

Cod: 8515

Age: 3+

Eur 34,50