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0806 - Pixel Photo Frozen

Pixel Photo Frozen
Create an Elsa and Anna ©Disney portrait

cod: 0806

age 6+

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Pixel Photo allows you to create beautiful Elsa or Anna’s portrait using the famous Quercetti pegs. Choose between the two models the photo that you prefer, cut out the cards and placing them over the pegboard, insert the pegs, and the game begins! The pegs come in only six different colours, yet they create an amazing optical effect - observing from the right distance, the colours blend into a full range of tones, just like a photo. This is the same principle behind the technique used in the “pointillism” art movement in the late 19th century. The set includes 2 portraits models, one of Elsa and one of Anna, pegs and 4 perforated boards, which you can hang on your wall like a picture, thanks to the included frame. So you’ll have everything you need to create a portrait that will astound everyone with its magical colour explosion.

Download 4 cards to create Elsa's portrait

Download 4 cards to create Anna's portrait

School report


  1. 4 pegboards
  2. Brochures with 4 cards and instructions to create Elsa's portrait
  3. Brochures with 4 cards and instructions to create Anna's portrait
  4. 1 Grid
  5. 6.600 pegs in 6 color