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4173 - Saxoflute Super

Saxoflute Super

cod: 4173

age 3+

Eur 17,90



BUILD YOUR OWN FANTASTIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS:  6 types of tubes can fit together to create all the combinations that your fantasy suggest you. Double-Trumpets, Funny-Flutes, Fanta-Saxophones... will all produce whimsical music as you play them as real instruments. Totally unbreakable, made of top-quality ABS plastic. Compatible with other tubular constructions from Quercetti. Colours and pieces may vary from those illustrated.

School report


  1. 2 Whistles
  2. 2 Trumpet ends
  3. 1 Cross tubes
  4. 1 T-shapes
  5. 13 L-shapes in 2 colours
  6. 11 Straight tubes with holes