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4168 - Tubation Maze

Tubation Maze

Tubation Maze

cod: 4168

age 4+

Eur 24,90



Build routes with coloured tubes, insert the marble, and have fun watching it finding its way through the labyrinth. An original building game made up of 36 tubes that can be put together to make shapes, roads, and ever-changing routes. Once the marbles go in, the ends of the construction can be blocked with a cover so that the marbles can be sent shuttling from one end to the other without falling out. Children can set the ball in motion by turning and twisting the whole thing, changing speed and direction of the ball. Tubation Maze tubes are made of special shatterproof plastic, and are compatible with other products of the Quercetti ‘Tubation’ series. This game stimulates creative thought, as well as developing manual skills and helping children to understand spatial awareness.

School report


  1. 16 straight tubes
  2. 16 L shapes
  3. 2 T shapes
  4. 2 Cross-shape tubes
  5. 6 marbles
  6. 2 end caps