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0732 - TecnoWood


cod: 0732

age 3+

Eur 17,90



Your favourite shapes, buildable in a thousand different ways with sturdy and shock-resistant plastic nuts and bolts. Everything you need - you just have to add your imagination - to create robots, funny characters, structures, constructions and anything else that comes to your mind. An original wooden and plastic construction toy completely decorated with vibrant colours and that stimulates children’s manual skills and creative thinking and introduces them to the basic principles of mechanics by playing freely. All toys in the Gioca Wood range are entirely 100% made in Italy, respecting the highest quality standards, with particular attention to detail and special emphasis placed on safety and care for the environment.

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  1. 13 wooden bi-dimensional threaded elements
  2. 10 screws, bolts and washers
  3. 2 wooden nuts
  4. 1 booklet with example and instructions.