2933 - Fashion Design

Fashion Design
Nita, Mya & Lisbeth

cod: 2933

age 4+

Eur 36,50



A new and improved version of a well known classic that has entertained so many generations of little girls! Our magnetic version of the dress-up paper doll is easier to play with and certainly…more fashionable! With Fashion Design girls will have a great time trying a variety of different styles on all three of our magnetic dolls: three fun little sisters with their three unique looks. Just like real fashion designers, girls can choose from an extraordinary selection of different outfits that come in a variety of colours and styles with all sorts of accessories made to meet their taste for fashion. Each doll has a stand-up support and two magnetic sides with two different postures and hairdos, for hours of fun and creative play.

School report


  1. 3 magnetic double-sided dress-up dolls
  2. 52 magnetic clothing pieces
  3. 3 stand-up supports