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Quercetti – Slow Food – Salone del gusto

Quercetti – Slow Food – Salone del gusto
The historically renowned toys manufacturer will collaborate with Slow Food during the upcoming edition of Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre show in Turin. Quercetti, traditional name in the industry of toys, and Slow Food will cross paths during the Salone del Gusto e Terra Madre show, which will take place in Turin next October 23rd thru 27th. During the important events animating the fair in the Piedmont capital city, Quercetti will “marry” the themes proposed by Slow Food Foundation – which since 1986 has been promoting the idea of an informed consumption of clean, fair and quality food throughout the world – offering “Pixel Art” workshops based on the company’s most famous toy, its colorful pegs. These workshops will captivate the attention of both kids and adults engaging in the creation of two different installations made of 180000 pegs. These 180000 small “pixels” in six basic colors will be mixed by the human eye giving life to compositions with hundreds of shades and tonalities. The images created during the workshops will portray contents seen throughout the fair, introducing themes tied to Slow Food strongholds and educational projects in schools. Pixel Art will be more than a simple installation, it will be a work of art coming to life, peg after peg, thanks to everyone’s contribution. In this special occasion Quercetti will officially introduce “Orto Pixel”, the game of seasons created in collaboration with Slow Food Italy, which creates an ideal bridge between the values and philosophy of the toys manufacturer and those of the non-profit organization, a bridge that will help educating kids and parents to a healthy nutrition through fun activities. The proceedings from the sale of “Orto Pixel” will finance educational projects promoted by the Slow Food Foundation. The event in Turin is open to everybody and will be held at pavilion 5 inside the Lingotto and at the Oval.

Date:2 October 2014