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Create a portrait with pegs: Quercetti present Photo Pixel Art

It’s been  61 years since Alessandro Quercetti invented invented the famous wooden pegs, and Quercetti is still reinventing and innovating its toys. Following the success of “Pixel Art”, the toy that lets you make portraits and works of art using thousands of coloured pegs on 9 perforated boards, Quercetti is now introducing a truly unique product, that lets you personalize your art creations: Photo Pixel Art.
With Photo Pixel Art, you can reproduce portraits and photographs of your family, friends, or even your pets, and turn them into a picture to hang on your wall. Once you have chosen the photo you want to use, you can upload the image to, choose colour or black and white, and follow the instructions. After printing the pattern cards, place them on the boards provided and fill them in with pegs. By inserting the boards into the frame provided, you can hang your masterpiece on your wall.
The pegs come in only 6 different colours, but the human eye magically blends them, and transforms them into an image with thousands of colours and shades, just like a real photo. This “optical mix” phenomenon is the also the basis of the “pointillism” art movement of the late 19th century. To reproduce a photo, black and white or colour, the image is broken down into numerous tiny dots which are then put together again and blended by the human eye.
The most classic Quercetti toy meets the modern pixel of the digital age, becoming a toy or a hobby for people of all ages. In fact, this product is not designed exclusively for children, and can easily be used as a pastime by adults.
Whole generations have let their imagination and creativity run free with Quercettti peg toys, long before pixels took over, making it the precursor to 3D games. Photo Pixel Art is the natural evolution this fun and artistic toy.
A toy, a decoration, a picture - a perfect gift for Christmas 2014!